Activities in saariselkä 

 All our products are designed to bring you the most authentic experiences possible. Our activities are connected to the outdoors, Lapland and an adventurous lifestyle, with a hint of luxury. Our team of guides is hand-picked and consists of individuals with a can-do-attitude, sports background, and a big smile! 

Ski school for beginners 2h

Apart from being Finland’s national sport, cross-country skiing is also a lot of fun. Our guide will prime you in the basic skiing techniques, the same ones all Finns are taught in school. Feel like a real Finn!

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snowshoe trek 2h 

Snowshoeing is one of our most enjoyable activities. Our guides make sure you conquer even the steepest of hills and enjoy what the National Park has to offer. This is a great chance to challenge yourself and to experience something to reminisce.

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Ice fishing 2,5h

Ice fishing is an adventure of its own. Drill a hole through the thick ice with an auger, bait the hook and wait for a bite and catch a perch or a whitefish! Try your luck and see if you can a match the Lappish fishermen. 

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Arctic sauna 2h

Several studies show that there are various health benefits connected with sauna and ice swimming. Now you have a chance to experience first hand how it feels when blood is rushing through the veins. 

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