arctic ocean tour

  • Full-day trip to Norway 
  • Stunning scenery
  • Sauna and swimming in the Arctic Ocean!
  • Lunch included
  • Price is 130€/adult, 100€/child (4-14 years old)
  • Departure from Arctic Timetravels office: Saariseläntie 14
  • Please book at least 2 days prior to departure. 

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what is the trip about? 

A one-day bus tour during which you’ll not only experience breathtaking landscapes, walk on the shores of the Arctic Ocean in Norway and even swim in it, but get to visit the picturesque fishermen's village of Bugøynes. This 550-kilometer tour takes around 12 hours.


WHAT'S included to the tour?

Your tour includes a bus transportation to Norway with and experienced guide to make sure you'll enjoy the ride to your destination. A Sauna will be heated for you at the destination and you have the opportunity to swim in the Arctic Ocean. You’ll also get the chance to taste traditional soup in a local restaurant. This should be added on your bucket list, day as a Viking!


WHo is the activity for?

This is for people who have an adventure in their mind. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, for sure!


How should I be prepared for the trip?

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  • Comfortable clothing for the bus ride 
  • Towel and a bathing suit
  • Do not forget your camera!
  • Cheerful attitude and adventurous mindset


Booking and price

Price of this once-in-a-lifetime whole day trip including lunch is 130€/adult, 100€/child (up to 14 years old). 

Swimming in the Arctic Ocean is a definite must-do! One for the bucket list.
— Daniel Rifaat, guide