Tours in saariselkä 

 All our tours are designed to bring you the most authentic experiences possible. Our activities are connected to the outdoors, Lapland and an adventurous lifestyle, with a hint of luxury. Our tours are designed by native Finns for the adventurous travellers in mind, who truly want to experience the Finnish and Lappish culture and way of doing things here in Lapland. 


BE a finn for a day

We will head to a remote wilderness cabin, about an hour's drive north from Saariselkä. The wooden cabin is located deep in the forest, no people, no city lights, just pure nature. The cabin is a traditional wilderness cabin, no running water or electricity - this is as authentic as it gets! 

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Arctic ocean day tour

A one-day bus tour during which you’ll not only experience breathtaking landscapes, walk on the shores of the Arctic Ocean in Norway and even swim in it, but get to visit the picturesque fishermen's village of Bugøynes. This 550-kilometer tour takes around 12 hours.

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aurora hunt premium tour

You have a great opportunity to observe the Northern lights, while snowshoe trekking up the fell or ice fishing on the spot. Sauna will be heated for you so you can enjoy the smooth bath of a real wood burning sauna, the Finnish way. After sauna you can taste a real treat cooked on a iron griddle pan: traditional finnish crepes. Yum!

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Lappish day tour

Try living like the true Lappish Finns did back in the day, chop your own firewood and enjoy the untouched Lappish nature.  On our way to the wilderness cabin, we will visit Siida, the National Sámi museum, to learn about the Sámi culture. After the museum will head to a remote wilderness cabin to experience the true Lapland - no people, no city lights, just pure nature.

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