All our products are designed to bring you the most authentic experiences possible. Our activities are connected to the outdoors, Lapland and an adventurous lifestyle, with a hint of luxury. Our team is hand picked and consists of individuals with a can-do-attitude, sports background and a big smile! Swinging by our office, located conveniently at the heart of Saariselkä, might just brighten your day and lead into an adventure of a lifetime!

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The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is an amazing show put on by Mother Nature and only visible on the edges of the world.

Starting from 120€ 


Snowshoeing is one of our most enjoyable activities. It's is an easy and fun way of experiencing winter and the great outdoors.

55€ per person


Finns really know how to enjoy the best things in cold environments, but Sauna is truly the most important place for a Finn. No one should leave Finland without experiencing the heat of the Sauna! 

40€ per person


Apart from being Finland’s national sport, cross-country skiing is also a lot of fun. Our guide will prime you in the basic skiing techniques, the same ones all Finns are taught in school.

65€ per person

reindeer safari

Reindeers are peaceful and gentle creatures of the north. Seated comfortably with a friend in a reindeer guided sleigh, you are taken on a ride in style. 

Starting from 69€ 

Husky safari 

Siberian huskies are cheerful and strong dogs who really love to pull the sledge! After a brief instruction lesson the huskies will take you for a tour through the snowy landscapes. 

Starting from 105€

Finn for a day 

Try living like the true Lappish Finns did back in the day, chop your own firewood and enjoy the untouched Lappish nature. We will head to a remote wilderness cabin, about an hour's drive north from Saariselkä.

180€ per person

ARCTIC ocean tour

A one-day bus tour during which you’ll not only experience breathtaking landscapes and enjoy a walk on the shores of the Arctic Ocean in Norway but even get to swim in it!

 130€ per person

Snowmobile day safari

Snowmobiles are convenient means of transport beyond the Arctic Circle. Locals use them anywhere from going to a grocery store to paying a visit to a friend who lives behind the hill. Each snowmobile is shared between 2 persons, so both can drive about 45 minutes. 

Starting from 115€

snowmobile night safari 

The silent, snow-covered forest, the nocturnal fell on the edge of the boundless wilderness, and the magical Northern Lights above you. Feel the thrill of the speed on a snowmobile safari or take a seat in the comfortable heated Aurora sledge and enjoy! 

Starting from 120€