AAA- credit score certified company

Timetravels Incoming Ltd has been certified with the AAA-credit score rating

AAA -credit score rating is an evaluation of a company's’ creditworthiness done by a credit rating agency. AAA is the highest possible rating, meaning that an AAA-rated company has an exceptional degree of creditworthiness and can easily meet its financial commitments.

In the travel industry, the credit rating system is one way of risk-management when evaluating the potential financial risk of a cooperation company. The higher the credit score the lower the risk of unfortunate problems like bankruptcy or cancelled bookings due to unpaid prepayments.

The AAA credibility for us is much beyond the value of certification itself. Building and maintaining the strongest trust with all partners is one of our company’s core value. AAA credibility not only speaks our financial commitments, but absolutely the value propositions to our customers and service providers as well, and this is how we position our team in a competitive global market”, states Xiang Zhang, the Managing Director of Timetravels Incoming Ltd.

Timetravels’ value propositions consist of risk-management, great quality to price ratio, professional, easy and stress-free service and superior customer satisfaction in the industry. This certification can be seen as one valuable proof of the risk-management section, creating a financial trust for the potential cooperation partners.

We are very proud to be certified with the AAA-creditworthiness.

For more information contact Xiang Zhang, Managing Director Timetravels Incoming Ltd

AAA-credit score certification

AAA-credit score certification

About AAA- Creditworthiness

To be valid for a AAA -credit score rating, the company has to meet all following numeric standards simultaneously: revenue of over 170 000 euros, the profitability of over 15%, equity ratio of 50% or more and healthy liquidity figures to prevent the company from running into debt, just to mention few.

About Timetravels Incoming Ltd.

Timetravels Incoming is a Group Travel Operator with expert knowledge on the Nordic region. We specialize in "experience travel" to the Nordic countries and Finnish Lapland. Our services include package tours as well as fully customizable Tailor-made tours. We create unique experiences for travellers from all around the world.